Khartoum, Nov. 15 (SUNA) The Minister of Transportation, Roads and Bridges, engineer, Makawi Mohamed Awad has underlined the start of opening of channels for dealing with the United States companies, represented in the Boeing and General Electric companies working in the field of railways and aviation, indicating expectation of the signing of contracts for direct dealing.
During his review to his ministry's report for the fiscal years first half before the parliament, Makawi noted to the registration of Sanjaneep Company in place of the Sudanese Lines Company.
He pointing to the purchase of two airbus airplanes with the cost of 60 million dollar, and the signing of a funding contract with a chines company, referring to the maintenance of two airbuses which are now in service, and the project of the Islamic Bank for Development of Jeddah for the airplanes purchase by the renewal of the studies, expecting the follow of finance by the begging of the coming year.
On the railways projects, the Minister of Transportation has indicated the completion of the Attbara- Port-Sudan railways line, the rehabilitation of Khartoum-Medeni line by the end of current November, and the completion of the train project of al- Gazera which is expected to arrive Sudan shortly.
Regarding the roads and bridges, he noted to the ongoing work in 88 projects with a total length of 6192 km, 15 projects under the financing procedures with the length of 1451 km, 6 projects under financial procedures with length of 1081 km, and 4 completed projects with the length of 359 km, besides 12 projects proposed for study with length of 2,142 km.
He indicated the completion of the construction works of 8 small bridges, and that the works continues on in the construction of five other bridges, and the signing of the study contract for two bridges which are under the tender and construction procedures.


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