Khartoum, 6 Oct (SUNA) - In the first official reaction the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sudan has issued a statement welcoming the US decision on revoking the economic sanctions imposed on the Sudan.

"The Sudan its leadership, government and people welcome the positive decision adopted by his excellency President Donald Trump of the United States of America, on October the 6th 2017, according to which the American economic sanctions imposed on the Sudan are revoked permanently" the ministry of foreign affairs said in the statement Friday.

The statement said it considers the American decision and important development in the history of the Sudanese American relations

The statement said the Sudan would like to reaffirm clearly that it would continue its cooperation with the United States of American in all the bilateral, regional and international issues of mutual concern, particularly in the questions related to the conservation of international peace and security and in combating terrorism in all its forms and in combating illegal and human trafficking.

It said the Sudan is also looking for building normal real tins with the United States of America and looks forwards to its name being removed from the list of countries sponsor of terrorism

The statement said the Sudan would continue to work for contributing in the efforts aimed to boost the regional and continent peace and security.

The statement said the Sudan would like to commend the role played by a number of brotherly countries and organizations in lifting the sanctions including those efforts deployed by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Egypt and Ethiopia, the African Union, the African Parliament, the Islamic Cooperation |Organization, IGAD and the Arab Parliament.

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