A letter from UN to HAC-Humanitarian Aid Commission in Sudan has mentioned that HAC in collaboration with SCOVA-Sudan Council of Voluntary Agencies (Khartoum, Sudan) launched a national campaign organized by NGOs and Partners to help South Sudan.

The letter appreciates Sudan’s commitment to facilitate WFP to purchase 60000 tons of corn from the local market to be delivered to South Sudan. HAC will facilitate and supervise the entire process including the legal contracts with carriers from the railway, river and land transport as well as issuing visas and permissions for those involved in the planned and coordinated process.

UN’s letter mentioned also that a high level Sudanese committee was formed to help South Sudan. The committee is headed by Field Marshal Siwar Al-Dahab and contains civil society, NGOs and partners.

HAC also supported several public initiatives and convoys to help South Sudanese people.

Sudan supplied South Sudan famine-affected areas with 2500 tons of corn in addition to humanitarian aid materials during period October-December 2016.

Sudan’s Government provided WFP-World Food Program with 10000 bags of corn to be delivered to South Sudan famine-affected areas.

The Renewal of MoU on Humanitarian Aid Access between Sudan ans South Sudan

The MoU on humanitarian aid access between Sudan and South Sudan has been renewed by HAC-Humanitarian Aid Commission in Sudan, and the Embassy of South Sudan in Khartoum. The MoU is targeting to deliver 65000 tons of humanitarian aid materials to famine-affected areas in South Sudan through WFP.

The President of the Sudan, Omar Al-Bashir directed Sudanese authorities to facilitate humanitarian aid to South Sudanese in Sudan and to open humanitarian corridor for humanitarian aid flow from international community.

Sudan agreed for UN to open these tracks and corridors to convey aid to South Sudan:

1\ EL-Obaied – Hegleeg – Rabacona – Bantue.

2\ Additional one: EL-Obaied – Fula – Aweel.

3\ EL-Obaied – Abyeiy.

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