The president of the Republic of the Sudan issues a decision to drop  the remaining prison sentences of the two convicts Mr. Hassan Abdulrahim and Mr. Abdulmonim Abdulmawla in a response to the calls and the initiatives of a number of congressmen led by Honorable Tom Garret who took the initiative of calling  the president through the Embassy of the Sudan in Washington D.C. to issue a presidential amnesty

for those convicted by the Criminal Court of Central Khartoum in the case of spreading fabricated news harmful to the state  filed in petition number (14/2016) under the articles (26, 64 and 66) of the Criminal law of 1992 talking about support, and raising hatred against the state and sects as well as spreading untruthful news.
The two convicted have been sentenced to 12 years in prison while  the main convict the Czeck Peter Jasek has been sentenced  to 24 years in prison and he has also enjoyed a presidential amnesty and been released in a response to another initiative.
The Congressman Tom Garett has praised the response and the support of the Sudanese Government and its keenness to get to a wise handling to this case, saying that he has received a comprehensive briefing from the Embassy of the Sudan in Washington regarding the details of  legal proceedings  of  this case in the Sudanese Judiciary institutions after it has been proved that the convicts have committed violations by  supporting the main convict to sneak into South Kurdofan where he has been arrested carrying documents confirming his violation of the law by practicing espionage, promoting disorder and communicating with unlawful rebellion movements.

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