Embassy of Sudan: President Bashir Offers Support to South Sudan and orders aid access to famine areas.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour, on Thursday said President of the Republic, Omar Bashir, has instructed that every required assistance be provided for brothers in South Sudan, in coordination with the various ministries, and institutions to help facilitate the delivery of humanitarian and relief assistance to the needy in south Sudan.

The Minister said the president has also stressed for securing and facilitating delivery of any humanitarian aid from the UN agencies as well as from sister and friendly countries towards South Sudan via Sudanese national territories.

The Minister has pointed out in statement to the Sudan news agency SUNA that Sudan supports and backs its brother in south Sudan under the current circumstances witnessed by their country.

He referred to the common bonds of kinship, and joint history and destiny between the two people which makes it imperative for the Sudan to provide all forms of support and assistance until its brothers in south Sudan have overcome their current humanitarian crisis and suffering.

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