The Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Republic of the Sudan regrets the inclusion of Sudanese citizens in the Executive Order issued by U.S. president Donald Trump on January 27, 2017, which bans citizens of several countries from entering the United States.
      It is truly unfortunate that this decision comes at a time when the two countries have achieved the significant and historic step of lifting U.S. economic  sanctions on Sudan. Recently, economic and financial institutions, bankers, and workers from the two countries have initiated communication, launching investment and trade projects to harness the tremendous human, natural, and economic resources of both countries, and serve the interests of both peoples.
      The decision to lift U.S. sanctions on Sudan - the third largest country in both Africa and the Arab World- is the result of an extensive bilateral engagement between the two countries, particularly in the area of combating terrorism, during which senior Sudanese and American officials witnessed Sudan’s major efforts to combat this destructive force that threatens the peoples of both nations.
      In recognition of Sudan’s clear and significant role in countering terrorism, acknowledging the major cooperation in the interests of both countries and all of humanity, Sudan calls for the immediate removal of its name from the U.S. list  of State Sponsors of Terrorism and the designation as Country of Particular Concern.
       The Sudanese citizens living in the United States are known for their good reputation, respect for American laws, and their lack of involvement in radical and criminal acts. Indeed, this is the nature of the Sudanese people, who are heirs to the ancient Nile River civilization which is marked by tolerance and peaceful coexistence.
       In keeping with joint positions on combating the terrorism  that threatens both countries, and with the goal of protecting citizens from extremism and crime, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Sudan affirms Sudan’s policy of constructive bilateral relations and will continue its dialogue with the U.S. government, and cooperation with relevant official bodies in keeping with the obligations of both nations to enhance the friendly relations, fruitful collaboration, and mutual benefit in all fields, including economy and culture.


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