In December 2011, Great Lakes Conference in Uganda classified two major Darfuri rebel groups - Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) and Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) - as negative forces that should be combated by African governments and international community. For more than five years, he Darfuri armed groups are serving as mercenaries for conflict parties in both South Sudan and Libya, they became one of the biggest threats to stability in the region. Early February this year, news agencies reported that 30 SLM elements were killed during clashes in Kufra in the southern part of Libya. The Sudanese army and Libyan officials accused Darfuri rebels of waves of armed robbery and attacks on civilians in other parts of Libya.

New information from Sudanese Media Center (SMC):

New information from SMC agency says Al-Raheema Ismail who is a dissident from JEM disclosed that the movement is supporting the Libyan “Karma forces” of Major General Khalifa Haftar and other groups affiliated to "Karma". Speaking to the agency last week, Ismail said that a considerable number of JEM leaders are planning to increase their elements with Haftar. Other sources confirm the contribution of other movements: Minawi, Abd Alwahid, Karbinu group led by Abu Tanga, Unity group led by Abbud Khatir, and more militias and factions.

List of atrocities:

Reliable sources and documents confirmed atrocities committed by Darfuri movements that supporting General Haftar, the practices include:

  1. Armed robbery in several places in Libya
  2. Arms smuggling along Libyan south-west borders
  3. Human trafficking and facilitating illegal immigrants’ movement from Africa to Europe
  4. Robbing banks in several Libyan cities
  5. Robbing people in domestic mining areas
  6. Launching an attack on Tuareg and Tabu tribes in March 2015
  7. Clashes between elements of Sudan Liberation Movement with the rebels of the Subul Al-Salam
  8. Looting Libyan oil fields in Sareer and Zalla
  • Sources say that other reports contain more detailed information

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