1. The Permanent Mission of the Republic of the Sudan to the United Nations is surprised at the report of the Amnesty International and the timing of the release of the report which comes at the time of official declaration nationally and regionally of the end of conflict in Darfur that erupted in 2003. The People of Sudan celebrated the conclusion of the tenure of Darfur Transitional Authority which was mandated since 2011 with the implementation of Doha Peace Agreement. The report, utterly unfounded, is released at a time when the Government of Sudan is engaged with all partners and concerned countries to take more strides in normalization of relations in all aspects.

2. The United Nations African Union Hybrid Force in Darfur deployed in the region since 2007 UNAMID comprises 17500 troops and personnel to monitor all violations of international human rights and humanitarian law in the entire region of Darfur. So far and during this year it has submitted around 5 reports to the Security Council of the United Nations, not including a single reference to such allegations which Amnesty International stands to clarify.

3. Likewise, the Special Envoys to Sudan from almost every corner of the world, including the US Special Envoy have enjoyed up to date unfettered access to all areas in Darfur.

4. Sudan is party to the International Convention on Prohibition of Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons since 1998. Sudan is by no means in possession of any type of chemical weapons. Sudan’s industrial facilities, military and civil, are all open to the verification of the OPCW at all times.

5. The allegations of use of chemical weapons by Sudanese Armed Forces is baseless and fabricated. The ultimate objective of such wild accusation, is to stir confusion in the on-going processes aimed at deepening peace and stability and enhancing economic development and social cohesion in Sudan. It is, as well, mention-worthy that in 1998 the Shifa Pharmaceutical Factory in Khartoum was bombed and completely destroyed based on inaccurate and false intelligence. Later on, the Government of Sudan was eventually cleared and the owner of the factory compensated. Such serious and unfounded accusations are damaging and should be ignored.

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